This is what you want


+ You want to begin memorising the Quran from simple surahs?

+ You want to have at least one hafiz in the family?

+ You want to get the rewards promised to those who memorise the Quran

Are you having trouble memorising the Quran?


+ You trouble memorising surahs from the Quran?

You have difficulty to recall the ayahs?

+ You lack motivation to memorise new ayahs?

We believe that every muslim should get a chance to be able to memorise more than just a few surah in a lifetime

Now, there’s a way to solve your problems. You will no longer feel difficult to memorise surahs from the Quran and the result is remarkable.

You will be able to memorize in a short period of time effectively eventhough you’ve no experience in any specific memorisation approach.

Together, we are able to motivate the community closer to the Quran and hence, to Islam. InsyaAllah, no matter where you are.

We believe that, once memorization becomes easy, more people will remember the word of Allah.

Introducing the Quran Memorization Module That Helps you Memorize Easily


A comprehensive module which enables you to memorise either the short or long surahs. It’s easy and proven to be effective. 99% of the participants, regardless of age, are convinced of the method upon their successful memorisation.


Informative, Innovative and Creative Module

Each page is filled with Information of the surah in an innovative and creative content layout


Comprehensive And Unique Approach

The Learning Process is relaxed but intensive and the process helps to ease the hafazan.



The successful module approach optimizes the function of the left and right brain in the Quran

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Together, we are able to motivate the community closer to the Quran and hence, to Islam. InsyaAllah, no matter where you are.

What Does the Neuro Nadi Help You Achieve?


#1. You
will focus

You will remain focus during the memorisation process. How is this possible? This technique involves the use of both the left and right brain. You will hardly get distracted.

#2. Optimize Left & Right Brain

The uniqueness of the human brain is the left and right brain. The modules helps to activate the Right Brain. So both sides of brains will also be involved in the hafazan.

# 3. Your memorization memory is more

With the full use of the left and right brain, human ability to memorize will be better because now the capacity of both brain is used.

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6 Main Features of the Neuro Nadi Tahfiz which are nowhere else in the world


#1. 10

The Neuro Nadi Modules is divided into 10 Modules. Each module consists 3 Juzuk. Each juzuk is compiled into a book. 

# 2. 3 Juzuk Per Modul

Each module contains 3 separate juzuk. Juzuk 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18,19-21, 22-24, 25-27, 28-30. This will help one focuses on a particular juzuk.

# 3. Nadi Juzuk

Each juzuk comes with Nadi Juzuk which describes the important points of the Juzuk as in the Quran.

# 4. Nadi Surah

Each Surah contains Nadi Surah which explains the important points of each Surah.

# 5. Nadi Ayat

For long surahs, there’s Nadi Ayah which contains the key points in that specific page

# 6. Meaning of Ayat

Each Page is complete with the meanings for each verse

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We want to you to experienced the excitement of memorizing the Quran in a program


Melton, Victoria

Date :
8 october 2017

Time :
Sunday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

1 Phar Lap Place, Kurunjang,
VIC 3337,

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Perth, Western Australia

Date :
15 october 2017

Time :
Sunday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Mills Park Centre 86 Brixton St Beckenham WA 6107,

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What will you learn in this 1 day Program?


The Neurophysiology Concept

The Neurophysiology Concept in memorization. This concept is the key ingredients for Neuro Nadi Tahfiz Method. 

Memorise & Understand

You will know how to Memorise and understand  any surahs concurrently using innovative memorization techniques with Neuro Nadi Tahfiz Module.

Memorise in Group

Struggling to memorise alone? The grouping approach The quick way to memorize the short and long surahs


Plan your memorisation

You will be able to plan your memorisation. How many you want to & how frequent. 

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Join the 1 day program WITHOUT RISK

We are confident that the Neuro Nadi Tahfiz module that has been used has been well organized with the best delivery.

If you think you have not learned anything from the program and can not memorize as mentioned. Let us know. If you followed the complete program but still unable to memorize , we will refund your fee.
So, book now!

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