Attention to All Muslims In Perth 

Are you struggling to read Al Quran?

This is what you want…

+ You want to be able to read the Quran
+ You want your family to be able to read Quran too
+ You want to be able to learn how and use the easiest way possible

BUT, you are having these problems…

+ You are shy to start learning Al Quran, because you think you are to old to learn

+ Are you looking for a class to improve your Quran recitation, but you don’t think that you suit the class neither the class suits you

+ You are busy with your daily commitments that makes you think there’s no way I can go to the class. I have no time. 

AND you’ve been thinking..

+ “Is it too late for me to learn the Quran? I feel I’m too old”

+ “Is there an approach that can help me learn to read the Quran?”

+ “I’m quite busy with my daily activities. Do I have time to do this?”

If you are? Please read this until end of this page

It’s known that learning to Read the Quran is a requirement as muslims.

It is a basic obligation and skill to every Muslim.


When was the last time you read your Quran?
Are you sure your reading is correctly?
When was the last time you read al quran fluently?
What about your solah? Are you sure that you have correctly doing it?

DO NOT CONTINUE reading if you know how to read Al Quran … OR you do not seriously want to read the Al Quran








Neuro Nadi Method
An Easy Way To Learn The Quran

Classes that will help you to read Al Quran easily and the best part is no Questions asked!

What will you learn from the Neuro Nadi Class ?


You will be able to learn more fun and relax

Example: If the Qur’an was previously a bit depressing because of a serious class atmosphere. Now you will enjoy learning because learning is very active with lots of activities.


So you do not have to worry about being asked because USTAZ IS NOT ANY QUESTION!

Example: If you’ve been frustrated during the learning process, you need not worry anymore because learning is done in groups and USTAZ is NOT QUERY FAQ!


So that you know the easy way to master the learning of the Quran

Example: If all this time you have difficulty studying the Al Quran but now we help you change the mentality of the people who are hard on studying the Qur’an.

What is Neuro Nadi Method?

Neuro Nadi Method is an innovative, systematic and fun learning and teaching technique of Quran.

The technique of has successfully helped many muslims around the world who want to read Al-Quran proficiently. It’s so simple, that you will feel really it’s so easy to master it.

5 reasons Why Neuro Nadi Method Can Help You Read


1. It's Easy

Neuro Nadi is an easy to understand method to learn AlQuran. Through the use of SAS (Structure, Analysis & Synthesis) and the tap tool students will be able to correctly pronounce the 336 hijaiyah sound correctly. 


2. It's interesting and Fun

Neuro Nadi Method is interesting for students as it uses a combination of our sight, hearing, speech and movement through the use of materials such as a “aided learning tool”, flash cards and playtime which is not commonly used in other Quran learning programmes. This makes Quranic Learning lessons fun and interesting for students, regardless of age


3. Ideal for Any Age Levels

The best method is one which is suitable for students. It is proven that Al Baghdadi Method is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and fluency in reading Al Quran. For those who are not able to read Al Quran, this is the best way to learn the basics of Al Quran.


4. It keeps your minds active in class

Our left and right brain have their unique function. Through the use of Al Baghdadi’s “hitting tool” (alat ketuk) in learning Teknik Al Baghdadi, both our left and right brain will be stimulated as the result of a combination of hand movements (movements of the right and left) , accompanied by saying the sounds of 29 letters hijaiyah makhraj. This makes the learning process more fun, and students will be able to focus when learning.


5. Proven and Recognized

Al Baghdadi Learning Centres have helped more than 100,000 Muslims read Al-Quran well since 2011. It is now the preferred method to learn and read Al-Quran in Malaysia. Accolades;

** From the Malaysian Book of Records – Largest Quranic Learning Centre: 680 AlBaghdadi Learning Centre (and counting) – Largest Tahfiz Centres: + Nadi AlBaghdadi Centre
** Consent and support from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) to introduce Teknik Al Baghdadi to all of Malaysia

I want to know how Neuro Nadi can help me learn to read and memorize the Quran!

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